We are proud to offer polos from trusted brands such as First Tactical, 5.11 Tactical, and Flying Cross that will leave you looking sharp and feeling comfortable.


Tactical pants provide better versatility and durability than just a regular pair of pants. A good pair of tactical pants can help make your job easier while providing a high level of functionality and reliability.


Our bags and packs are selected from the best brands with a variety of storage options to keep you organized and ready for duty.


Agencies require certain features to make their ordering process smooth. That's why we launched Agency Online Accounts. An Agency Account will allow you to place orders that are tax exempt, have payment terms and even contract pricing.*



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The Curtis Difference

Curtis Blue Line provides law enforcement agencies and individual police officers with a wide selection of top-tier brands and products. Whether you’re searching for tactical gear, new duty boots, or body armor plate carriers, Curtis makes it easy to find the best police officer equipment available.

We specialize in offering police departments and law enforcement officers the highest-quality public safety equipment from the best brands in the industry, including 5.11 Tactical, Danner, Safariland, Flying Cross, First Tactical, Vertx, and more. Our relationship with our brands ensures that everyone from law enforcement to security personnel has access to the safest, most reliable police equipment.

Law Enforcement Supplies for All

Individual policemen and policewomen will find the law enforcement gear they need at Curtis Blue Line, including male and female police uniforms, tactical boots, duty belts, police PPE, and more.

With a Curtis Blue Line Agency account, law enforcement agencies can customize their shopping experience to fit the needs of the department or Agency. Offering all the benefits of CurtisBlueLine.com, Agency customers can control the product assortment, create shopping lists for individuals or divisions, create officer or quartermaster ordering, order with terms, tax exemption and customer specific or contract pricing including NPPGov, Sourcewell and GSA with approvals. Need allotment or allowance tracking? Ask about our Curtis+ program.

Police Supplies for Every Emergency Call

Law enforcement officers patrol the streets, respond to emergency calls, and serve as protectors of the peace during events or dangerous gatherings. With so much variation, police officers need the right gear for every situation.

Curtis Blue Line helps officers stay protected and equipped for the job with the right apparel like police vests, outerwear ranging from duty jackets to raingear, and gear including tactical flashlights, holsters, and less lethal gear like batons and OC spray. We’re also here with the right equipment for when the going gets tough, including ballistic plates, gas masks, and rappelling gear.

Find the Perfect Fit With our Uniform Specialist

Police uniforms must fit properly for the most comfortable wear, making it easy for officers to maneuver however they need to get the job done. Curtis Blue Line keeps a vendor-trained Uniform Specialist on staff to provide agencies with proper fitting expertise. With our help, law enforcement agencies can outfit their officers the right way the first time. Request a demo today.

Discover the Tactical Gear that Works Best for Your Team

Agencies that work with Curtis Blue Line also enjoy access to our full-time, vendor-trained Tactical Product Specialist. Backed by years of user experience, our specialist will guide you in learning more about particular tactical products and demoing them for you and your team. Knowing what gear works best for your department allows you to make the right buying decisions, maximizing your budget and saving precious time. Request a demo today.

Customize Your Uniform Down to the Hemline

Curtis Blue Line offers police uniform customization for police departments and individual law enforcement officers. Our professional tailors can do everything from attaching name strips and emblems to tailoring pants and shirts to fit just right. Learn more about our uniform personalization services and the Design-A-Badge program.

Curtis Blue Line | We Have What Police Officers Need

While law enforcement can visit us at any of our nine locations in California, Arizona, Idaho, Colorado, Oregon, Utah, and Washington, you can shop 24/7 on Curtis Blue Line’s online store, happily serving and shipping to all fifty states. Whether you’re searching for new police gear, uniforms, or footwear, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Curtis Blue Line’s online police supply store.