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Let Curtis Blue Line help you manage your agency's Officer Allowance/Allotment Program with confidence. 


Curtis+ is a multi-channel option for agencies and officers alike to manage, track, and control those allowance-based individual officer purchases for uniforms, tactical gear, equipment, and more. Curtis+ has been created to streamline effort and reporting, while maximizing buying power with consolidated pricing and inventory.


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Dedicate more funds to the gear your officers need.

Traditional cash distribution programs are subject to federal and state (where applicable) income taxes, reducing the actual amount of money available to your officers. Curtis+ is a direct-purchase program, eliminating those types of tax obligations and increasing your officers' buying power by 15-35%.

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Pricing suited to your budget and your officers' wallets.

With cash distribution programs, agencies usually miss out on Volume Discounts since each individual officer purchases separately, however, with Curtis+ you get custom agency pricing. This means your officers can get more for less when using the Curtis+ program.


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Buy How You Want

With Curtis+ your allowance can be used in-store, online or over the phone/email. This not only allows tracking across all purchase platforms, but allows your officers the flexibility of placing their orders how and when it's convenient for them.


Customize Your Catalog

If you want to specify the products, brands, or categories for allowance purchases, we can make it happen with Curtis+. Not only can we restrict the products available for purchase on your program, we can add specialty products such as customized or embellished items.


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Manage and Track

You and your officers will know to the penny what is available on each individual allowance accounts at any given time.

  • Monthly Department Reporting
  • Individuals have real time status
  • Program flexibility for individual officer buys, quartermaster purchases and/or agency approval requirements.

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Very Important Customer

Our VIC Service is for you, our Very Important Customer. Your agency will receive access to our VIC email for assistance with any issues that may arise, product inquiry or questions, and more. 


This program is designed for Local, State or Federal Government Agencies with:
  • 10 or more officers/employees on the program
  • Allowance/allotment programs billed to the agency
This program supports:
  • Individual officer buys
  • Quartermaster programs
  • Agency approval requirements
If you do not qualify for Curtis+, you can enroll in our Online Agency Account Program.


1.  Register for an Online Agency Account 

2. Identify the products you would like included in your program - Limited assortment or our entire product line

3. Provide Curtis with list of participating employees and allotment per employee


Contact us at


What if we already have an Agency B2B Account with Curtis?

That is terrific! We can run this program through your existing Agency Account.


How long does it take to get started?

Each program is unique and is a collaborative effort between Curtis and the agency. If all the allotment amounts and qualifying individuals are identified by the Agency it could be as quick as a few days for the account to activate. More complex programs could take 7-10 days.


Does our cash allowance program qualify?

The Curtis+ program is designed for Agency allotment programs. If your agency distributed monies for uniforms, gear and equipment in payroll as cash, Curtis has several other programs to assist. Learn more here.


Can we receive credit terms?

We do offer credit terms. You can submit your request here.


We are tax exempt, how does that work?

New to Curtis? Email your tax exemption to


What if we have contract pricing?

We can ensure your contract pricing is available online as well as in-store so your officers can shop when and how they wish.


How are we billed?

You will be invoiced monthly.


Can we pre-pay?



What if an officer has money left over at the end of the year?

All balances will be reset at the beginning of the fiscal year per the agency's budget. All left over funds would be a savings to the agency.


What type of reporting is available?

All orders are viewable in your Agency B2B Account online and can be downloaded to a CSV file. In addition, you will receive a spreadsheet monthly, per officer, to include allowance used and available. If you’d like to see reporting more frequently, that can be arranged.


What if different officers have different allowance amounts?

This is possible with Curtis+. Curtis will coordinate with your Agency Administrator and will be able to adjust allotment or allowance amount at the individual level.


What happens if an officer leaves the department?

When there are personnel changes at the department, the Curtis team will make appropriate changes within 24 business hours of being notified.


Can we purchase with multiple vendors?

The program works best with Curtis as the sole vendor of record. It can be difficult to coordinate spend totals with multiple vendors in addition to Curtis. We strive to offer the best programs for our customers and if further discussion is required please contact your Curtis sales representative.


We have custom or unique products that Curtis doesn't have, how does that work?

Curtis will work with the Agency and make every effort to meet the product needs of the Agency. Please coordinate any unique, custom or new-to-Curtis product needs for your program with your sales rep or email customer service.