Decorate your uniform with badges and patches made especially for law enforcement professionals.

Uniform Badges and Patches

Law enforcement officers’ badges and patches represent everything from an officer’s level of authority to their personal patriotism. Whether you need an emergency service patch to identify your position or want to communicate your rank with the corresponding badge, we offer a wide variety of police officer insignia, including stitched or PVC uniform patches and badges or patches in colors like gold and nickel.

Law Enforcement Insignia

At Curtis Blue Line, we understand the pride that police officers, security personnel, and other law enforcement professionals take in their uniforms. That’s why we work with Hero’s Pride to provide police patches and badges that will last for decades. Made with quality materials and expert construction, Hero’s Pride designs everything from patriotic patches to police uniform badges, making it easy for law enforcement officers to designate their authority and demonstrate their morale and sense of duty.

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