Duty Bags, Backpacks and tactical bags are essential to help police and law enforcement professionals get ready for their shift, the weekend or workout. Curtis Blue Line has selected the best brands with a variety or storage options to hold all your gear and help organize it for duty ready quick response. Quality is easy to see with brands like 5.11 Tactical, Vertx and First Tactical among others.


Backpacks are a great way to carry a lot of gear while still keeping your hands available. For go bags, many people are choosing to load out a tactical backpack with webbing. This gives you a lot of flexibility for how to build out your go bag, including add-on pouches for additional gear. 5.11 Tactical offers a great selection of backpacks including the most popular Rush Backpack series. The 5.11 Tactical Rush12, 5.11 Tactical Rush24 and 5.11 Tactical Rush72 bags are proven bags that stand up to any mission. A less conspicuous backpack may be what you are looking for. An Everyday Carry Bag is a great option for off-duty officer carry as well as travel. Another great travel backpack option is the Vertx Gamut Backpack. The Vertx Gamut Backpack is available in multiple colors and is the perfect everyday carry backpack.

Gear Bags

Law Enforcement professionals have a ton of gear and finding the best gear bag can be difficult. Fortunately, Curtis Blue Line offers some of the best gear bag options. If you are loading out for a specific mission, there are a couple of great mission specific bags designed to carry riot and SWAT gear. SWAT bags are available from reliable brands. 5.11 Tactical bags are extremely popular and proven in the field. You may also be interested in looking at the Hatch gear bags that are mission specific, from the Hatch Munitions Bag to the Hatch Giant SWAT Bag.

Other Bags

Other tactical bags include Range Bags, Patrol Bags and Messenger Bags. The perfect range bag will offer tons of magazine storage, removable ammo and brass storage and separate, padded storage for multiple pistols. Keep your range bag locked and loaded and grab and go when you are heading out to the range.

Patrol Bags make patrolling a bit easier. The best patrol bag will offer organization and easy access to necessities. A good patrol bag will keep working for many years, making it a great investment for all law enforcement officials.

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  • Voodoo Tactical Mini Mojo Load-Out Bag 1

    Voodoo Tactical

    Voodoo Tactical Mini Mojo Load-Out Bag

    Voodoo Tactical Mini Mojo Load-Out Bag A smaller version of the popular Mojo load out bag, it has the same great features but the size. Measuring 31"L x 15"W x 14"H, with 11 assorted size exterior pouches, lots of webbing to attach more pouches,...
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  • First In Police Warfare Bag

    First In

    First In Police Warfare Bag

    First In Police Warfare Bag This tough police gear bag features one padded center compartment, two roomy end compartments (one large enough for your riot helmet with shield), a baton holder, a flashlight pocket, and a handy front zippered pocket. Other...
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  • Vertx Navigator


    Vertx Navigator

    Vertx Navigator The Vertx Navigator bag can work as either a satchel or chest rig, making it easier to take up the least space possible. Make the change from one to the other with the quick-adjustor strap, and use the adjustable waist strap to keep your...
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  • High Speed Gear Smart Flex Wrap Pads 1

    High Speed Gear

    High Speed Gear Smart Flex Wrap Pads

    High Speed Gear Smart Flex Wrap Pads HSG SF Wrap Pads feature SmartFlex Non-Newtonian impact additive which attenuates shock and reduces fatigue by dampening the transfer of energy to the end user. Versatile design can be used in a wide configuration to...
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  • Mystery Ranch Blitz 35 1

    Mystery Ranch

    Mystery Ranch Blitz 35

    Mystery Ranch Blitz 35 The BLITZ 35 offers a tactical solution to your everyday needs. Side zip access allows you to get to every item in your pack and the external PALS webbing is ready for tech holsters or added accessories. Whether work or school,...
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  • Vertx Ready Pack All Colors


    Vertx Ready Pack

    Vertx Ready Pack The Ready Pack may look like the average backpack, but it’s far from ordinary. It’s been optimized with upgraded fabric, additional storage pockets and extra room in the CCW compartment so you can make the most of your space...
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  • Vertx Transit All Colors


    Vertx Transit

    Vertx Transit Getting to your gear quickly and efficiently has never been this easy. The Transit’s easy-access sling design allows you to seamlessly grab your EDC on a moment’s notice while blending into your environment. Whether it be city...
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  • Vertx Gamut Backpack All Colors


    Vertx Gamut Backpack

    Vertx Gamut Backpack Comfortable, customizable and incognito, the Gamut is an everyday pack that’s anything but ordinary. No matter the application, the Gamut is optimized to stow all the gear you need and then some.  Brand-new Rapid Access...
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  • Vertx Everyday Fanny Pack 1


    Vertx Everyday Fanny Pack

    Vertx Everyday Fanny Pack Designed in collaboration with Lena Miculek, this small, but mighty fanny packs allows you to stay prepared and carry with confidence, knowing your valuables are safe and secure. This CCW-compatible fanny pack is designed...
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  • Blackhawk S.T.R.I.K.E. Platform Ambidextrous 1


    Blackhawk S.T.R.I.K.E. Platform Ambidextrous

    Blackhawk S.T.R.I.K.E. Platform Ambidextrous Designed to fit any Blackhawk T-Series, Serpa or Omnivore holster at any angle, the S.T.R.I.K.E. Platform can be mounted to any S.T.R.I.K.E. or PALS/MOLLE web system. Ambidextrous adapter platform Constructed...
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  • Defense Technology Launcher Carry System Bag olive

    Defense Technology

    Defense Technology Launcher Carry System Bag

    Defense Technology Launcher Carry System Bag Defense Technology® has released the Launcher Carry System (LCS). This high-quality nylon launcher case serves as the system's foundation. It includes a built-in hydration bladder and a padded, detachable...
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  • High Speed Gear Rapid Access Multipurpose (RAM) Pouch,

    High Speed Gear

    High Speed Gear Rapid Access Multipurpose (RAM) Pouch

    High Speed Gear Rapid Access Multipurpose (RAM) Pouch The Rapid Access Multipurpose (RAM) Pouch is a multifunctional pouch with many uses and a pull tab for easy deployment. A compact first aid kit, which includes a CAT tourniquet, is held in place by...
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